My Latest Fantasy

Since returning from Burning Man, I’ve been fantasizing about buying an RV or bus and souping it up. And then, perhaps, moving into it. It excites me to think about how such constraints of space on the one hand, yet freedom of movement/location on the other, could supercharge my life. Plus, the vast sums I would save on rent and associated costs would further unleash me from work and obligations. I picture ways in which I could securely strap my electric piano and guitars in there, with perhaps a desk area for video editing. It would be a fully-functioning mobile creativity studio. And my sleep would be deep, as sleeping ‘outdoors’ always is. Bathing and such could be outsourced to a 24-hour gym, and coffee shops would serve as my office. Anything that forces me out of the ‘house’ and among people is a godsend.

This is my latest fantasy and the seeds are planted in my mind. We’ll see where I am in a year,