Divorce Yourself from Time

More and more I try to distance myself from the human invention of time. Part of this is a natural byproduct of trying to live in the present, a realm that is eternal and therefore timeless.

When you don’t know what date (or day) it is, when you don’t have to set an alarm…you know you’re living your best life. Furthermore, you’re less likely to feel anxious or rushed. Just do whatever you’re doing, and whatever needs to get done, will.

Of course, the obligations of modern life sometimes make avoiding time impossible. You need to show up to work on time, so just do that…and the rest of the time forget about it.

I find that limiting the amount of information that enters my mind to its bare essentials is a recipe for well-being, and what time it is (or how much time we have left until something is over, or how much time has passed with whatever we’re doing, etc.) is all useless information. Knowing won’t change the fact, and thus can only disappoint.

Life is happening now — experience it.