My Dog Has Given Me a Window into the Regrets that Parents Inevitably Have

For instance, one mistake I made was allowing other dogs to play a little rough with Morty at the dog park. I wanted to socialize him and let him get out some energy with his peers.

But I almost feel like one of those sports dads who pushed his sensitive son into something I wanted him to be but was not in his nature.

Now Morty is scared of the dog park and freezes when we get near. Now my challenge is to somehow teach him to overcome this new fear that I created.

I wanted to give him the choice to go in by rewarding him with treats, but I ended up carrying him in and finding a private area where we could safely play together. He slowly got into it, but doesn’t play with the confidence and energy he has at home.

We’ll see. Every day I’m making new mistakes, making new success, and learning more and more what it is to shape a fertile mind.