If You’re Going to Fail, Just Fail

Since getting a dog, I’ve had a few days when I was out and about and preoccupied for the entire day, and I just didn’t have the time to sit down and think of something to write.

But I made a pact to myself that I would post a blog every single day.

So, in order to make good on my word, on those few consecutive days I quickly jotted down the promise of a future post.

Problem solved: something — even if it contained no substance — was posted.

Then, a few nights ago, as I was completing a longer reflection on my first week with Morty (my dog), I got distracted by the company of a friend. When I looked back at my computer, I saw that the clock had just struck 12:01am. I missed the day’s post.

Now that I had failed, I realized…I actually failed those other two times too, and to post something empty in order to make good on a technicality was actually robbing my failure of its dignity.

I didn’t require myself to have a word minimum on any posts, nor that they even had to take the form of a completed essay. But I can’t allow myself in the future to write nothing more than an “IOU”. Because that’s the beginning of a bad habit.

It’s okay to miss a day, even two. But then just miss it already, forgive yourself, and start anew the next day.