Yesterday I Got a Dog

And that’s why I neglected to post something.

But it feels good — not only to have a dog, but to take action. Indeed, ever since I returned from Burning Man I’ve been pulling the trigger on a lot of ideas.

Getting a dog is something I’d been thinking about for a few years, but I was afraid of the commitment, responsibility, and severe reduction in freedom. I weighed the pros of added happiness against the cons of added constraints. Then I realized I’d been thinking about this all wrong.

The commitment, the responsibility, the restrictions on my freedom — all these are also positives. Perhaps I need more commitment and more responsibility and less freedom. Perhaps these challenges will build character and actually serve as development tools. Perhaps avoiding them has only contributed to my stagnancy, and to take these hurdles head-on will only accelerate all I wished to accomplish when I had only myself to consider.

Anyway, the truth is I just wanted a bundle of joy for companionship, to love and to be loved by.

But I also welcome the life that is now in my hands.