A Practice in Over-tipping

Beginning a week ago around the time I started this blog, I decided to also commence a practice in over-tipping. I haven’t established the parameters for what this means yet, other than to give more than I normally would. And that’s really all that matters. Any life-improving endeavor only ever requires “more” than what feels comfortable to have its intended impact.

And that’s exactly my aim — to have an impact on myself. Although it feels nice to be generous, for me generosity is a secondary consideration. I’m also not looking to be treated with any special reverence, and indeed I haven’t been since starting this. Instead, it has everything to do with approaching the world with a sense of abundance.

My thinking is, ‘Maybe if I, in some small way, treat money as if it’s no object, then it will become less of an object.’ I may not be monetarily wealthy by most Americans’ standards, but if to some degree I behave and live like I am…what’s the difference?

So we’ll see what happens by the end of the year. If my added expenditures go unnoticed as hoped, then I will consider this experiment a success and look for more ways to open my pockets and more (seemingly precious) parts of myself, material or not, with the growing understanding that there is no scarcity, only abundance.

(If, on the other hand, the account books are looking tight come December, then it’s back to 20%.)