My Daily Blogging Experiment So far

It’s been about a week since I started this daily blog, and so far my hopes for the impact of this new habit are being fulfilled.

I can’t tell you how therapeutic it is for a perfectionist like me to look at a blank screen every day and know that he has to fill it with something — anything — no matter what. Even if it’s not perfect. Because it definitely won’t be. There are so many creative projects that I drag out or delay because my vision for the finished product puts too much pressure on even beginning.

On the other hand, with this exercise I pretty much start with little idea of where I’ll end up, and so it’s more about the process. And yet I do strive to write coherently and to create something worth reading, so there is still a discipline involved.

I’m also getting to learn what’s on my mind and what my views of the world might be, since I am forced to upload my consciousness on a constant basis. Over time, I’m excited to see what comes up as I am left to scrape the far recesses of my thoughts to mine for new material.

Not least of all, it will be great to see my writing improve in both quality and efficiency as I gradually dwindle down this unending production line to its most necessary components.