My Ayahuasca (In)experience

I recently participated in an ayahuasca ceremony for the first time. Disappointingly, I didn’t feel as though I had any sort of “altered” experience of any kind — spiritual or otherwise — either of the two nights. The only noticeable effect seemed to be the purging.

However, since my return I have adopted some major new habits (such as this daily blog, cooking nearly every meal, etc.), and continued improvements in my life do seem to be unfolding.

But, while it’s hard to know for sure, I’m suspecting that this is less a result of my “experience” and more a correlation to it. Upon reflection, drinking ayahuasca represents to me that I am so determined to make drastic changes in my life that I am willing to take drastic action to do so. And so, of course, I’m already vibrating at the frequency necessary to affect my life even before I’ve taken one sip.

I will definitely be back, but I can already say that I learned a lot from that weekend, not least of all that power lies in intent and action as much as — if not more than — result.