Treat Everything as Destiny

Yesterday afternoon, I headed out of my door to drive to a much-anticipated meeting in Brooklyn. However, upon reaching my car, I discovered that my front passenger side tire was completely flat from a nail puncture. I now had to deal with this problem, and it meant I would no longer be making my appointment.

I could have been annoyed. I could have replayed the events leading up to this in my head, to consider how it might have been avoided. Instead, I cheerfully treated it as destiny and went on with my day.

Whether or not any given event is truly destined is irrelevant. You can’t prove it one way or the other. But either way, what’s happening is what is — there’s no changing the present moment — so you may as well consider it destined to be. It’ll save you a lot of stress.

Maybe “The Universe” didn’t want me to make that event. Maybe “The Universe” has something better in store. Even if not, the fact that now my day has veered into an entirely unexpected direction in and of itself is cause for celebration, as therein lies adventure and discovery.