If You Want to Change Who You Are, Change How You Look

For 36 years of my life I was a boy. That’s because, with a small stature and boyish face, I looked like a boy. Therefore, I felt like a boy. Therefore, I acted like a boy.

Then I grew a beard. It started out as a curious experiment, but it surprised me. It grew to be thick and salt-and-peppery, the greys on my chin revealing age and signifying wisdom.

Now, for the first time in my life, I looked like a man. Therefore, I felt like a man. Therefore, I acted like a man. Therefore, I was a man.

This is especially enjoyable as an actor, to get to put on a new “costume” in real life and play that character. You don’t even have to perform, because when you look the part, you just become that character. You are the part.

In two weeks I’m going to Burning Man, and I’m going to try an entirely new look that I would never have even thought to try before. Who knows, maybe it’ll stick. Either way, I’ll learn something new about myself — what I am and never thought I could be, or just simply what I’m not and now know for sure.