Beware the Energy Vampire

No one knows why it does what it does. Its agenda seems unclear, other than to suck energy without ever giving any…for no discernible reason. Perhaps it survives on attention.

Whatever the case, it is cunning in its predation. Over many years it has honed its ability to reel its prey in with its charm and its continued promises. They never waver in their ability to appear sincere, and their brokenness — however predictable by now — always seems to be unintentional. Every time.

But you must judge this vampire not by its words and expressions of empathy, but only ever by its actions. When you isolate this variable, the vampire’s sinister nature becomes all too clear, helping you to take proper precaution.

The best course of action? To ignore this vampire and not give it one inch. Never initiate or act…only wait for the vampire to make the first move, and then you may react. But it will never come to that, because proactiveness is the opposite of an energy vampire. Its empty words, devoid of follow-through, will always reveal its true nature.